OPEM Report (Padulles-Hauer Model)

What is Padulles-Hauer ?

Padulles-Hauer Dynamic Model is a dynamic electrochemical simulation model of a grid independent proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell. This model includes a methanol reformer to generate hydrogen from methanol and the PEM stack. The model is used to predict the output voltage and power of a PEMFC. It has to be noted that the reformer model is a second order transfer function.


Input Description Value
B Activation voltage constant [V] 0.04777
C Activation constant parameter [A^(-1)] 0.0136
CV Conversion factor 2
E0 No load voltage [V] 0.6
KH2 Hydrogen valve constant [kmol.s^(-1).atm^(-1)] 4.22e-05
KH2O Water valve constant [kmol.s^(-1).atm^(-1)] 7.716e-06
KO2 Oxygen valve constant [kmol.s^(-1).atm^(-1)] 2.11e-05
N0 Number of cells 5
Rint Fuel cell internal resistance [ohm] 0.00303
T Fuel cell temperature [K] 343
i-start Cell operating current start point [A] 0.1
i-step Cell operating current step 0.1
i-stop Cell operating current end point [A] 100
qMethanol Molar flow of methanol [kmol.s^(-1)] 0.0002
rho Hydrogen-Oxygen flow rate 1.168
t1 Reformer time constant [s] 2
t2 Reformer time constant [s] 2
tH2 Hydrogen time constant [s] 3.37
tH2O Water time constant [s] 18.418
tO2 Oxygen time constant [s] 6.74

Overall Parameters

Parameter Description Value
Efficiency|Pmax Cell efficiency at maximum power 0.3339116037981434
Pmax Maximum power [W] 260.19059991158935
Ptotal(Elec) Total electrical power [W] 279.8328477108543
Ptotal(Thermal) Total thermal power [W] 333.93715228914607
VFC|Pmax Cell voltage at maximum power [V] 2.6045105096255186


Parameter Description Value
K Slope of the curve obtained by linear approximation [A^(-1)] -0.0044705456629812465
Pmax(L-Approx) Maximum power obtained by linear approximation [W] 512.5923558882793
V0 Intercept of the curve obtained by linear approximation [V] 3.027584868170461
VFC|Pmax(L-Approx) Cell voltage at maximum power obtained by linear approximation [V] 1.5137924340852305

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