OPEM Report (Padulles-I Model)

What is Padulles-I ?

In this model, Nernst and fuel cell potential were modeled as a function of oxygen and hydrogen gases partial pressure that can be calculated from independent variables or constants. The partial pressure of gases is proportional to the molar flow of each gas.


Input Description Value
B Activation voltage constant [V] 0.04777
C Activation constant parameter [A^(-1)] 0.0136
E0 No load voltage [V] 0.6
KH2 Hydrogen valve constant [kmol.s^(-1).atm^(-1)] 4.22e-05
KO2 Oxygen valve constant [kmol.s^(-1).atm^(-1)] 2.11e-05
N0 Number of cells 88
Rint Fuel cell internal resistance [ohm] 0.00303
T Fuel cell temperature [K] 343
i-start Cell operating current start point [A] 0
i-step Cell operating current step 0.1
i-stop Cell operating current end point [A] 100
qH2 Molar flow of hydrogen [kmol.s^(-1)] 0.0004
rho Hydrogen-Oxygen flow rate 1.168
tH2 Hydrogen time constant [s] 3.37
tO2 Oxygen time constant [s] 6.74

Overall Parameters

Parameter Description Value
Efficiency|Pmax Cell efficiency at maximum power 0.3916750510650302
Pmax Maximum power [W] 5371.538185919714
Ptotal(Elec) Total electrical power [W] 5396.239669420725
Ptotal(Thermal) Total thermal power [W] 5406.112330579272
VFC|Pmax Cell voltage at maximum power [V] 53.769151010207345


Parameter Description Value
K Slope of the curve obtained by linear approximation [A^(-1)] -0.006476306259911604
Pmax(L-Approx) Maximum power obtained by linear approximation [W] 114214.7436320723
V0 Intercept of the curve obtained by linear approximation [V] 54.39447248236125
VFC|Pmax(L-Approx) Cell voltage at maximum power obtained by linear approximation [V] 27.197236241180626

Warning : There are errors in the simulations in some of I amounts; please refer to the .opem file for review. If you are confident about this parameters, ignore this warning.

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