OPEM Report (Larminie-Dicks Model)

What is Larminie-Dicks ?

Larminie-Dicks model is obtained for large variation of the load parameters. In this model, the fuel cell is represented by means of its voltage-current characteristic obtained in static operating mode. In fact, Larminie-Dicks static model presents the fuel cell voltage as a function of the current magnitude. The obtained polarization curve is composed of three main regions corresponding to the predominance of electrochemical activation phenomena (region I), a linear part (region II) where the voltage drop is mainly due to electronic and ionic internal resistances and the last region where the diffusion kinetics of gases through the electrodes becomes the limiting factor (region III). This last zone is characterized by a rapid voltage fall.


Input Description Value
A The slope of the Tafel line [V] 0.06
E0 Fuel cell reversible no loss voltage [V] 1.178
N Number of single cells 23
RM The membrane and contact resistances [ohm] 0.0018
T Cell operation temperature [K] 328.15
i-start Cell operating current start point [A] 0.1
i-step Cell operating current step 0.1
i-stop Cell operating current end point [A] 98
i_0 Exchange current at which the overvoltage begins to move from zero [A] 0.00654
i_L Limiting current [A] 100.0
i_n Internal current [A] 0.23

Overall Parameters

Parameter Description Value
Efficiency|Pmax Cell efficiency at maximum power 0.25725926730148363
Pmax Maximum power [W] 851.9716897447387
Ptotal(Elec) Total electrical power [W] 1255.5150058655731
Ptotal(Thermal) Total thermal power [W] 1511.2469941344268
VFC|Pmax Cell voltage at maximum power [V] 9.230462510777233


Parameter Description Value
K Slope of the curve obtained by linear approximation [A^(-1)] -0.09133188736027087
Pmax(L-Approx) Maximum power obtained by linear approximation [W] 820.6729592830923
V0 Intercept of the curve obtained by linear approximation [V] 17.31515062329676
VFC|Pmax(L-Approx) Cell voltage at maximum power obtained by linear approximation [V] 8.65757531164838

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