OPEM Report (Amphlett Model)

What is Amphlett ?

Amphlett static model is a parametric model that predicting the performance of a solid polymer electrolyte, proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell. Main concepts in the Amphlett model includes Nernst voltage, PEMFC losses (activation polarization loss, ohmic polarization loss and concentration polarization loss), power and efficiency of fuel cell. This parametric model of PEMFC using a combination of mechanistic and empirical approach. The ideal standard potential (Nernst potential) of an H2/O2 FC is 1.229 V with liquid water product. The actual cell potential is decreased from its reference potential because of irreversible losses.


Input Description Value
A Active area [cm^2] 50.6
B An empirical constant depending on the cell and its operation state (Tafel slope) [V] 0.016
JMax maximum current density [A/(cm^2)] 1.5
N Number of single cells 1
PH2 Partial pressure [atm] 1
PO2 Partial pressure [atm] 1
R R-Electronic [ohm] (*Optional) 0
T Cell operation temperature [K] 343.15
i-start Cell operating current start point [A] 0
i-step Cell operating current step 0.1
i-stop Cell operating current end point [A] 75
l Membrane thickness [cm] 0.0178
lambda An adjustable parameter with a min value of 14 and max value of 23 23

Overall Parameters

Parameter Description Value
Efficiency|Pmax Cell efficiency at maximum power 0.2826255388927661
Pmax Maximum power [W] 29.231394236601012
Ptotal(Elec) Total electrical power [W] 44.92639219548963
Ptotal(Thermal) Total thermal power [W] 47.15960780451031
VFC|Pmax Cell voltage at maximum power [V] 0.44089584067271514


Parameter Description Value
K Slope of the curve obtained by linear approximation [A^(-1)] -0.005908240849347697
Pmax(L-Approx) Maximum power obtained by linear approximation [W] 28.55564007273787
V0 Intercept of the curve obtained by linear approximation [V] 0.8214952200883945
VFC|Pmax(L-Approx) Cell voltage at maximum power obtained by linear approximation [V] 0.41074761004419724

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