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I’m an experienced researcher who worked on electrochemical power sources such as batteries and fuel cells, material chemistry and corrosion science. I’m graduated in Master of Science (M.Sc.) focused in material electrochemistry from school of chemistry, college of science, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran. Some of my previous research projects are about designing a simulation software for PEM fuel cell, data analysis of energy systems (PEM and DB fuel cells), novel active material of Li-ion battery (18650 cells) and inhibition of carbon steel corrosion. At the moment, I joined to the board of directors of Eshtad Energy co. as the managing director (CEO). In Eshtad Energy co. we work on research and development of electrochemical energy storages especially, Li-ion, Ni-Cd, VRLA sealed, traction (PzS, PzB and PzV) & stationary batteries (OPzS, OPzV) and also, battery sales and battery testing equipment marketing (chargers, dischargers and other analysis devices which use in battery manufacturer companies). On the other hand, our company try to provide useful modeling software packages in electrochemical power sources engineering based on machine learning algorithms and data analysis of batteries in Python. In summary, my ultimate goal of this executive position is the designing novel materials and new structures for electrochemical energy storage cells in purpose of enhancement their efficiency, power density and life cycle by the up-to-date practical investigation beside the modern modeling paths with using high technology facilities to create another new generation of batteries.

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